Switching has never been easier

Finding a great IT partner who has your best interests at heart can be a difficult and daunting experience. At iTLC, we strive to ensure the transition is a smooth, happy and seamless one! We have broken it down into three simple steps…

Steps to making the switch

  • 1. Contact iTLC

    There are a range of ways to get in contact with us, ranging from our Phone Number, to our Contact Page, to our highly trained carrier pigeons (soon to be introduced). Phone Number: 1300 662 447 or fill in our contact form

  • 2. Arrange a time with our Specialists

    Whether it’s a meet and greet onsite or over the phone, our initial conversation will be focussed on understanding your business, it’s current requirements and how we can best help. Each call is taken like a blank canvas, you help us shape the picture into a masterpiece!

  • 3. Grab the Popcorn!

    Once we have your requirements in check, sit back, grab the Popcorn and watch iTLC get to work. We take a frontline approach to plan and implement transition strategies, ensuring that is a seamless and happy experience felt by all staff.

Online enquiry

Send us your details and the iTLC team will get in contact shortly.