Introducing iRefer You

Do you know someone out there that could do with the iTLC experience?

Simply refer iTLC to another business and if they meet the criteria (check our non lengthy T&C’s below) then you will qualify for a referral gift.

Call 1300 662 447 or fill out the referral form.

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iRefer You

Quick FAQ

  • Q: What do I need to do to refer a business?

    You can send us an email at, give us a call on 1300 662 447 or complete our referral form submission below. Provide us the business name, contact name, number and email and we’ll take care of the rest?

  • Q: What Referral Gift will I receive

    The Referral Gift changes periodically. To find out we encourage you to join our mailing list where you’ll not only be notified of the iRefer You Gift at the bottom of every email, but also receive information about upcoming specials, emergency notifications and information regarding I.T.

  • Q: Can I get more than one Gift?

    You get a Gift, and you get a Gift, and you get a Gift… The more Referrals, the more gifts!

iRefer You

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    • Terms & Conditions

      The iTLC Referral Program is simple – If you refer a business customer to iTLC we give you a gift to say thank you. There are some Terms & Conditions of course and if you are not sure then let us know.

      As a “Referrer”, you are subject to our Privacy Policy, available on our website, as well as the following additional Terms & Conditions:

      The Referrer.

      Will need to be known to iTLC. This reward program is for our valued clients only. NOTE* (If you are known to iTLC in another way do get in contact with us to see if you still qualify)

      The Referred Customer.

      The Referred Business must be a new customer who has never been a part of the iTLC Business family as of September 1st 2021, employs a minimum of five full-time staff and is based in Australia.

      Referral Rewards.

      For you to earn the iRefer reward, the Referred Business must become an ongoing financial customer of iTLC, purchasing IT Services or Products (these may include but are not limited to hardware, software, project management or consultancy services). iTLC will provide the iRefer Reward to the Referrer if the Referred Business spends a minimum of $2000exGST in the first three months.

      In some instances because we are awesome, if the Referred Business do not become an ongoing iTLC Financial Customer, or spend the minimum required amount, a reward may still be provided – This decision will be at the discretion of iTLC. *wink wink*

      Claim Rewards.

      Only one reward (device) is claimable per referral. (If you refer additional Referred Businesses, you will be eligible for additional rewards).

      To claim your reward, call us or send an email to with the details of the Referred Businesses and who will be contacting us or if they would like us to contact them. If in doubt call and speak to us we are always happy to help.

      The Reward Gift.

      These are changed on a regular basis and are subject to stock availability. In the event something runs out, we will offer you next iRefer Reward available. We cannot redeem rewards for cash or credit our accounts team won’t let us, sorry.

      The Reward Delivery.

      Delivery is subject to iTLC Suppliers conditions, rest assured we will do our best to get your thank you gift to you as soon as possible.

      Right to Cancel Program or Change Terms.

      We must put this section in as we are not in control of all the elements. We may need to adjust the terms and conditions at any time, if we do, we will let you the Referrer know. For those who know us you understand that we are always trying to deliver the maximum effort – thank you for your support!