• Q: Is the answer really Yes?

    In short, Yes! iTLC provide a range of Managed and Project Services to Businesses of all sizes. In the event that iTLC do not directly provide a product or solution, we will assist in the scoping and sourcing of the solution.

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  • Q: I’m unhappy with my current IT providers, what should I do?

    Firstly, don’t panic! Whether you have been with your supplier for a long or short time, iTLC can assist with the transfer of services including auditing, transferal of licences, services and warranties.

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  • Q: What are your prices?

    iTLC pricing varies pending your service requirements. iTLC treats each customer like a blank canvas, your requirements help shape the solution, and the pricing to go along with it!

  • Q: Who will I be speaking to when I need support?

    iTLC have dedicated technicians throughout Australia to provide a national support network. We have local people in each region who are looking forward to meeting and assisting with your issues.

  • Q: Will I see someone onsite?

    Absolutely! All iTLC customers receive both remote and onsite support as needed. Our team are professional, friendly and love a chat, so we encourage a strong balance.

  • Q: What makes you different from the IT Providers down the road?

    A very good question! iTLC strive to provide customer focused solutions. Solutions that match your needs now, and into the future. Match these solutions with fantastic support at affordable pricing and you’ve got a dynamic duo!

  • Q: Where are your offices?

    In short, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Auckland and Singapore.

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  • Q: What is “The Cloud” and do I need it?

    The Cloud refers to infrastructure that is hosted with another organisation but accessible via your internet connection. This can be emails, files, backups, you name it! To see if this could enhance your organisation, contact us now!

  • Q: What is the Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything?

    We believe from reliable sources it is 42